Food can be so much more than just a meal. Friends and families congregate in the kitchen, around a campfire, at the dining room table, or the even the grill in the backyard as food is being prepared. We share stories, laughs, make new memories, and at the end of it all get to enjoy a delicious meal.

Culinary Cards was born out of the idea of wanting to help preserve those moments that our treasured recipes help us share with each other. Whether you want to protect an existing collection or want to start your own recipe book, our state-of-the-art recipe protection products can help you preserve the legacy of a recipe.

The Problem to be Solved

Repeated use of treasured recipes causes wear and tear that can compromise the usage you’re able to get. Regardless of how careful you try to be, it’s a kitchen! Accidents and messes happen, paper recipes can wear down and become unreadable, and water damage is always only a sink away.

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The Culinary Cards Solution

Culinary Cards products deliver high-quality protection to your favorite recipes with ease. Easy to seal, easy to store, and easy to read, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally ruining any of your staple recipes. With two different product categories for recipe protection, you can standardize your collection or preserve your recipes as-is.

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Bringing Technology to Your Kitchen

The Culinary Cards team has decades of experience in the manufacturing and technology industries, as well as ecommerce. While working on business-to-business (B2B) projects, we identified a need within the consumer market, as well. The success of our state-of-the-art sealing technology in the public and private sectors allows us to bring our culinary products to your home or restaurant kitchen with confidence.

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